Naomi's Music (at Jnana)


7 reviews across 3 activities

97 Bond Street, Brooklyn, NY 11217
Boerum Hill
(917) 826 0534 or (718) 855 0908


Editor’s Tip
Naomi's mission is to get all kids to Basic Music Competence through productive musical experiences and play during those formative primary development years.

Naomi's Music offers the Music Together program in Brooklyn Heights and Boerum Hill. Family classes are for children ages 0-5, and baby-only classes are for newborns to 8 months. All classes are with the adults who love these children. Naomi’s Music also works with Kiddie Korner, a licensed Music Together preschool. Since 1999, thousands of children have sung, danced, wiggled, and played with Naomi’s Music. This world renowned, research-based program depends on adult participation and is based on a playful and encouraging atmosphere that optimizes musical growth in children during the most crucial period of their development. Each enrolled family gets digital musical downloads, a song book, lesson plans, and access to online educational content including videos. The proven methods support all types of musical expression and stages of development with an “accept and include” philosophy. Come! Naomi’s Music teachers are active and certified music teachers, performers, and parents.

At Naomi's Music, we are committed to providing a rich music education for your child and our partnership with KidPass is designed to allow families to try out a class at Naomi's Music to determine if we are a good fit for you and your child. We honor your desire to make educated decisions about your child's programming. We also know that the strength of the Music Together program lies in continuity. Just like language, your child will learn music through exposure and experimentation - and that happens over time, with repeated experiences and opportunities to play, explore, and discover their "inner musician". Drop-in on a class or 2, get the music to take home with you and then join us for a full semester of classes. We have flexible scheduling.
Naomi's Music (at Jnana)

7 Reviews Across 3 Activities


4.7 Average

Shin S.


Sep 7, 2017

It was a lot of fun. Both my daughter and I enjoyed the class.

Lauren G.


Aug 11, 2017

Really nice small and fun class. My baby and I really enjoyed it and will be going back.

Lauren G.


Jul 21, 2017

Was awesome. We got a one on one which was SO lucky but then she pushed so hard for us to sign up with her for classes. Almost off putting. Especially bc I said a few times I had to get my baby home to nap and my little girl was noticeably cranky. Otherwise great!

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