Mom in Balance (at Central Park)

Central Park, (near W 81 Street, at the Entrance of Central Park), New York, NY 10024
(646) 330 1302

Editor’s Tip
The Mom in Balance program has been designed by physicians and experts in the fields of pregnancy, exercise and nutrition to help women to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.

Mom in Balance is an international sport program for all phases of motherhood. We have three classes, The pregnancy workout, a total body workout designed together with physiotherapists to keep moms to be fit in all trimester of their pregnancy. A "Back in Shape" workout, the workout after giving birth focussing in strenthening the whole body, with focus on the CORE muscles. To the day classes you are welcome to bring your baby! And the mom in shape workout ( for all moms), a high intensity total body workout to keep you fit, strong and energetic as a mom. The workouts are 1 hour and take place outdoors all year around, as long it is possible. In the cold wintermonth we train indoors.
Mom in Balance (at Central Park)

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Thursday, March 30th


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