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Private residence near 96th & Park Avenue, (Exact location will be confirmed upon booking), New York, NY 10128
(917) 542 2129


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Both Kristen and Nathalia have a passion for languages and understand the importance that language plays in the development of a child.

When an infant is born they can make and hear all the sounds in all the languages in the world? There are anywhere from 150- 200 different sounds found in language (about 6500 different languages!) These sounds are called phonemes. As a child develops their language skills, they start using only the phonemes that are found in their language. English, for example, has about 44 phonemes. As we grow up, we lose the ability to really hear and perceive those other phonemes we are not using. By exposing infants to different language sounds on a consistent basis, there is a possibility of the little one grasping and internalizing these sounds for learning different languages- now and later in life. It also enhances the ability to think quickly as they learn the skill of changing attention between languages. My Little Passport is a fun and exciting 30 minute class that will introduce your baby to other languages- and language sounds- through song and p lay. Studies show that it is never too early to start learning a foreign language. At My Little Passport we hope your little one will enjoy singing and learning in many languages. Come sing, dance and play with My Little Passport! Classes are taught in the particular language the students have signed up for. We structure every class the same way: 4 sections designed to engage your baby in the way he or she learns. We Speak! Sing! Dance! Listen! The parent or caregiver will follow along with cues given by the instructor.
My Little Passport

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Friday, June 23rd


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