Kidspire (at Queensview Co-op)

21-15 34th Avenue, Community Room 14, Long Island City, NY 11106
(917) 686 4917

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We are dedicated to providing unique learning experiences for kids through hands-on architecture and design projects

Kidspire’s founder Karen Domingo-Moran received a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the Cooper Union and has worked several years on large scale projects in New York City. Like most parents, starting a family completely changed Karen’s life. The seeds of Kidspire started to develop when Karen volunteered to teach architecture and design at her eldest child’s school. The initial three years of teaching gave Karen immense insight into the value of introducing 2D and 3D problem solving to children.

Kidspire’s architecture and design enrichment programs engage children in 2D-3D construction challenges. Children will develop skills of observation, creative problem solving, critical thinking, spatial reasoning, and self-expression that are important to their success in all subjects. Our programs includes six, eight, and ten week in-school residencies, one-day workshops and after school classes.
Kidspire (at Queensview Co-op)

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