Hello Sunshine Yoga (at HLC Kids Academy)

118 49th Street, Union City, NJ 07087
(917) 558 1480


Editor’s Tip
Our imaginative play together time encourages physical, cognitive and emotional development.

Hello Sunshine Yoga believes it is never too early (nor too late!) to begin a journey of creative exploration and healthy mind-body development to last for the rest of one's life.

Our core values are expressed in our motto: "Play, Develop, Grow!"

Play - All of our programs provide just enough structure to safely support a free flow of spontaneous creative energy. We believe all human beings are born with an abundant capacity for creativity that ought to be encouraged at all stages of life. Yoga and meditation practice helps us generate and self-regulate the physical, mental, and emotional energies we need to actualize our full potentials. And let's make that practice fun! We believe "playtime" is essential to an optimal life for all children and adults.

Develop - Through play we develop as human beings. We develop our yoga and meditation skills from beginner level through mastery, and in so doing we develop our bodies, our imaginations, our attentions, our characters. Making mistakes is a natural part of human life, but we can develop the skills of persistence that keep us on an ever-rising path...

Grow! - Modern science is confirming the wisdom of ancient traditions: growth is possible at all stages of life. The ultimate goal of our yoga and meditation practice is not an endpoint, but rather an active life of constant growth
Hello Sunshine Yoga (at HLC Kids Academy)

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Saturday, June 24th


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