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221 West 79th Street, New York, NY 10024
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This is a one-of-a-kind experience where anyone can come and learn the magic of working with fine tempered chocolate from the professionals.

In 2012, the future founder of Voilà Chocolat, Peter, was hosting his daughter's make-your-own arts & crafts themed birthday party. He noticed how everyone at the party - both kids and adults alike - became joyfully immersed in their creativity, similar to how he felt whenever he made chocolates as a trained chocolatier.

After extensive research and planning, Peter began to assemble a "dream team" to help him bring Voilà Chocolat to life. From a nationally-recognized Master Chocolatier and pastry chef to a senior chocolate scientist, he created a unique place where everyone, not only trained chocolatiers, could experience the fun and magic of crafting delicious chocolates with friends, family and colleagues.

As an artistic material, chocolate is endlessly fascinating, complex, and creative to work with. The Voilà Chocolat team now want everyone to come and discover for themselves the surprisingly rewarding and entertaining experience of making chocolates.

Our classes are fun, interactive and hands-on. Children takes home a handy summary that illustrates the fascinating step-by-step process of growing, processing, manufacturing and crafting that transforms cacao into chocolate. They also practice the essential techniques of molding by making a unique chocolate piece, and most importantly, walk away with a new level of knowledge and appreciation for the science and craftsmanship that is behind the high-quality, responsibly sourced chocolate we use at Voilà Chocolat.
Voilà Chocolat

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2 Reviews Across 1 Activity


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