Laurel Project (at Gowanus Arts Building)

295 Douglass Street, Brooklyn, NY 11217
(917) 355 2083

Editor’s Tip
Laurel Project founder Mei-Yin Ng is a professional dancer and Mandarin teacher of Chinese descent born in Malaysia. Ms. Ng has received fourteen years of training in both Chinese language and the performing arts.

Laurel Project is a Chinese enrichment program developed by award-winning art educator Mei-Yin Ng. Drawing on years of experience with a proven pedagogical method (engage, inspire and absorb!), we train students through two languages: Mandarin and the universal language of dance.

Our immersive Mandarin classes utilize movement, songs, colorful props and storytelling to actively engage students in linguistic and cultural studies while fostering a love of music and dance. Using the Beijing Academy Dance syllabus, our dance training is systematic, comprehensive and FUN! Students learn Ballet barre exercises, Chinese dance basics (Hand and eye coordination, finger and hand manipulation), body alignment, flexibility, plus Chinese folk dances. We believe learning a new language leads to a different way of seeing the world, and we are committed to supporting how language learning can open possibilities for cultural understanding, the exchange of ideas, and an enriched sense of self.
Laurel Project (at Gowanus Arts Building)

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