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1456 First Avenue, New York, NY 10021
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Our diverse class schedule ensures that there is an appropriate class for everyone that lives in your home! Parents can take an express class while their child enjoys Jai Kids. Teens can come after school to decompress from their exams.

"Jai" is a powerful exclamation of joy used to describe incredible beauty or magnificence. It's something you might say when you have overcome a fear or when reaching a new level of success after years of hard work! The translation is "victory of the soul."

At House of Jai Yoga we provide a nurturing environment where all individuals are embraced for being their authentic self, without worry or judgment. We foster self-confidence, self-esteem, lightheartedness, and good karma through spiritual, physical, and emotional healing. We are more than a yoga studio, we are a wellness facility with an incomparable sense of community that unites through the practice of yoga and all of its many beautiful branches. In 2009 the mother and daughter team of Erin and Jeri Fogel went on a yoga retreat with NYC's most magical yoga instructor, Meg Carlough. On that trip, a family bond was formed, and a dream was born. The creation of House of Jai is the culmination of their dream, and they hope you join their ever growing family and make Jai your home.
House of Jai

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