Andy & Suzanna Kids Music (at East 79th & Central Park)

Central Park (near East 79th Street), (enter the park on East 79th Street & 5th Avenue), New York, NY 10021
(646) 776 1944


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Andy and Suzanna have been performing and teaching children all over NYC for over 6 years.

Andy and Suzanna are professional singers, songwriters, and musicians who have years of experience devising personalized classes to fit different group dynamics, energy levels, and ages. They incorporate movement activities, kids yoga, original music, and classic songs into their music classes. Through bubbles, shakers, puppets, hands-on instruments and themes, classes provide fun new ways of strengthening young growing bodies and minds.

In 2008, Andy and Suzanna met during a production of Les Miserables in the green mountains of Vermont. Both graduates of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, they immediately started playing music together and formed their first musical collaboration, the band Walking For Pennies. In 2010 their love of children drew them into the world of kids music classes and they formed their own company, Andy and Suzanna Kids Music. They were married in 2015.
Andy & Suzanna Kids Music (at East 79th & Central Park)

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