Pixel Academy (at Pine Street School)

25 Pine Street, New York, NY 10005
(866) 771 6837

Editor’s Tip
The projects children will work on at The Pixel Academy teaches children aspects of technology that they may recognize later in college-level computer science and engineering classes.

The Pixel Academy takes 21st century skills and breaks them down into fun activities for kids. They have programs in coding, game development, 3D printing, laser cutting, digital arts, Minecraft modding, and more. The education philosophy at Pixel Academy is to develop programs so that kids learn in a new way, involving a hands-on approach. Children attending activities at the academy will work on digital and physical projects. Activities offered don't solely focus on coding. There is also an opportunity to gain an understanding in digital art through creativity. Experiences at the academy are led by an expert staff of tech innovators and are designed specifically for certain age groups. The activities have a small instructor-participant ratio to provide individual attention and recognize the importance of balancing on-screen digital creations with off-screen fun and socialization.
Pixel Academy (at Pine Street School)

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