Super Little Champs (at P.S. 2)

122 Henry Street, New York, NY 10002
(917) 378-2229

Editor’s Tip
Super Little Champs offers drop-in tennis and soccer classes are various convenient locations around New York. Their simple drop-in classes make it easy for children to try out.

Super Little Champs offers high quality training for beginner and advanced children. We are passionate about raising the next generation of top-notch athletes by offering the highest quality training while at the same time keeping each individual happy and engaged. Our commitment towards structuring the lessons for each child's individual needs is unrivaled. Each child will leave feeling a sense of accomplishment and be excited for the next lesson.

Group lessons allow for children to have social interactions which is essential to building character. There will be more fun playing with peers. They also allow for kids to encourage one another and grow together. And let's not forget, there may also be friendly competition and lifelong rivalries that come out of it!
Super Little Champs (at P.S. 2)

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Tuesday, April 25th


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