Take Two Film Academy (at The Mandell School)

795 Columbus Avenue, New York, NY 10025
(917) 546 6816


Editor’s Tip
The professional instructors at Take Two teach kids how to use a green screen in some of their courses. Children attending the academy will be able to learn how to utilize equipment that is currently being used in the entertainment industry.

Students at the Take Two Film Academy learn all aspects of filmmaking from creating an original story to producing a film. Classes at the academy range from learning how to act in front of a camera to screenwriting and directing a film. Studies also focus on the three stages of filmmaking: Pre-Production, Production, and Editing. Within these stages students learn the basics of storyboarding, location scouting, camera operations and editing with professional software.

Take Two started in 2009 with the mission to teach young people video and media literacy. By attending classes at Take Two, kids are immersed into the world of filmmaking and creativity. Your child's imagination and story-telling abilities are coupled with proven techniques and real-world filmmaking software. After learning how to operate gear and edit film, they'll be saying "Lights, Camera, Action!" in no time.
Take Two Film Academy (at The Mandell School)


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