Music For Aardvarks With Breezy! (at Seward Park Community Room)

264 East Broadway, New York, NY 10012
(917) 705 3849

Editor’s Tip
Singer and songwriter, Bree Sharp, recently serenaded David Duchovny at his book signing at Barnes and Noble in Union Square. The song, 'David Duchovny, Why Don't You Love Me' was a single on her 1999 debut album.

Music for Aardvarks is a refreshing alternative to the traditional music class for kids. The program was created in 1997 in Brooklyn, NY by rock musician & father of three, David Weinstone. Music for Aardvarks is distinct from other children's music programs in that all classes are based around Weinstone's original songs, infused with humor and intelligence - not the same, tired nursery rhymes that make you want to stick forks in your ears!

With influences of rock, blues, ballads, folk, jazz, classical, Latin and pop music, Aardvark songs uniquely reflect and celebrate the lives of children growing up in an urban environment. The music is innovative, fun, and irresistibly appealing to both kids and their parents.
Music For Aardvarks With Breezy! (at Seward Park Community Room)

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Saturday, April 29th


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