LIC Arts Center (Room #210), 44-02 23rd Street, Long Island City, NY 11101
(718) 784 3680

Editor’s Tip
Takashi Ikezawa is a native of Japan who has dedicated his life to disseminating Japanese arts and culture to the world. His strong identification with Japanese culture stems from four years of experience working as a certified mountain guide on Mt. Fuji – a place that is historical as well as sacred to Japanese people.

Featuring Japanese-inspired works by artists from all over the world, RESOBOX is a Japanese cultural center dedicated to sharing and celebrating Japanese influence in the arts. Our workshops, cafe, gallery and event space allow us to celebrate Japanese culture in many ways.

We offer classes in Japanese-inspired dance, ink painting, cosplay and prop-making, martial arts and more. We also offer drawing, crochet and Karate classes just for kids as well as classes in ink-painting, Iaido and Jodo.

Visitors can enjoy art inspired by Japanese culture in our gallery. Featuring artists from near and far, we display new artwork monthly. We are open to artists of any age, race or nationality, provided that they somehow incorporate Japanese ideas, culture or philosophy into their work through the creation of something that didn’t exist before.

Relax and be inspired, strolling through our gallery or unwinding in our cafe. Enjoy free wifi with a cup of coffee or Matcha, a relaxing Japanese drink, and a sushi roll.

RESOBOX is a place where people who are conversant with, dedicated to, and influenced by Japanese arts can gather to create innovative arts through the collaborative process and disseminate them to the world. Join us!

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