New Amsterdam Fencing Academy (at Riverdale Country School)

5250 Fieldston Road, Bronx, NY 10471
(212) 662 3362


Editor’s Tip
John Gonzalez is a father of three and has worked with kids for over twenty years. Over his many years as a fencing instructor, he has had the good fortune to work with world class athletes and coaches from all over the world. He has culled this experience to create a developmental curriculum that is truly exceptional.

At New Amsterdam Fencing Academy, we don’t just nurture athletes. We nurture kids. We motivate students to the peak of their own physical conditioning, speed, and strength, and foster the discipline that breeds winners on and off the fencing strip.

Through specially developed games and exercises, we help our students build agility, coordination, and awareness of their own bodies in space. They gain critical athletic skills, such as a keen sense of distance and the ability to briskly change direction. Students are challenged to hit stationary or moving targets, first standing still, and then maneuvering. As their fitness, footwork, and blade-work improve, they see and experience how it all fits together on the fencing strip.
New Amsterdam Fencing Academy (at Riverdale Country School)

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