Creative Space Arts (at Tykes in the Heights)

663 Vanderbilt Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11238
Prospect Heights
(646) 541 6262


Editor’s Tip
Jennifer Nelson Barrett, founder of Creative Space Arts, is an Arts Liaison and Performing Arts Coordinator at a public junior high school in Brooklyn, and has taught visual arts there since 2002.

Creative Space Arts is a pop-up art studio set in galleries and other creative spaces. We design a truly immersive art experience for kids and families through engaging classes inspired by a visual environment. Through this approach, we aim to ignite curiosity and freedom of artistic expression.

We aspire to build a niche community of parents with creative and talented young artists, offering an edgier alternative to the typical art studio through an immersive art environment. Classes held in gallery spaces provide the inspiration for the materials and concepts we explore.

Our talented and experienced art teachers inspire exploration, critical thinking, and life-long learning through creativity and the arts. All of our instructors are certified in K-12 Art Education so that we can provide challenging and engaging art experiences to kids of all ages, even in the same space.
Creative Space Arts (at Tykes in the Heights)


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