Tennis Innovators (at River School)

425 East 35th Street, New York, NY 10016
Murray Hill
(646) 476 5811


Editor’s Tip
Tennis Innovators maintains a low ratio of students to tennis-pro and groups kids by both age and tennis level, so that classes are both fun and effective.

Tennis Innovators is an indoor/outdoor tennis program for children of all ages, levels and skillset. They are dedicated to helping each and every student reach their highest potential not only in the sport of tennis, but in everyday life.

Our years of tennis experience have made us believers that quality over quantity is the key to success. Tennis Innovators has a clear mission in delivering our passion and commitment to the sport of tennis through our high level programs for adults and juniors. A high quality program revolves not only around hitting tennis balls but the connection and energy created by the instructor; this is a major key to our success. Each lesson is given with energy, charisma, and conducted by highly trained instructors. Tennis Innovators looks to reach it's highest potential of service and performance at every facility to ensure each player has a fulfilling experience while growing the sport of tennis.
Tennis Innovators (at River School)

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