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147 W 70th St, New York, NY 10023
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KING was co-founded by former Columbia University Men's Basketball coach, Michael Murphy, along with former University of Rochester player and JP Morgan employee, Matthew Murphy (named one of NYC's 30 rising entrepreneurs to watch under the age of 30).

KING provides opportunities to youth in New York City and beyond through sports, movement and play. Our team of highly-trained, dedicated coaches work with youth to develop sport, creative, and life skills, all while having fun!

We serve schools and families through after school programs (in sports, movements, STEAM and the arts), summer and break camps, PE classes, organized recess games, sports teams and clinics (weekends and evenings), youth and parent fitness, Kids Night Out events, birthday parties and special events (school and community fairs, field days).

Kids and families love our programs because of 1) The community we build, 2) The passion and expertise we deliver, and 3) The way we help youth grow through physical engagement, creative enrichment, and FUN!

Our commitment to being a stable resource for families extends beyond engagement during our programs. We’re here anytime to answer questions, share thoughts and provide suggestions about youth, education, sports, arts and more.
Kids In The Game - Upper West Side (70th Street)

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