Chocolate Works - Upper East Side

1410 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10128
(212) 289-8800

Editor’s Tip
Introduce your kid to the chocolate making process with their creative, hands-on workshops.

Chocolate Works Upper East Side is a chocolate factory, party destination and candy store all in one scrumptious place. This beautiful, brand new store (which opened in November 2014) will be sure to make every chocolate lovers dreams come true. Whether you're searching for truffles or chocolate-covered strawberries or anything else that will satisfy your sweet tooth, the NYC chocolate store contains a variety of delicious and indulgent options.

Shopping for unique chocolate and candy creations at Chocolate Works is a treat for children and adults of all ages. In addition to finding delectable treats, you'll also get to watch chocolate being made before your very eyes on Chocolate Works' 20 foot conveyor belt. You'll also have the opportunity to sample hundreds of candies and handmade chocolates.

If you're looking for a great place to host a birthday party, Chocolate Works has a private party room that serves as an excellent spot for birthday parties for both kids and adults.
Chocolate Works - Upper East Side

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