Kanga & Roo Yoga

Kanga & Roo Yoga class fosters a welcoming space for caregivers and babies to connect with their bodies, each other, and the environment. Through creative play, dance/movement, games, props/toys, song, and yoga postures, classes support early child development and nonverbal bonding. Movements will also support stretches and strengthening postures for mothers to feel healthy and confident while moving with baby! This is a wonderful class for bonding with the little one while reaching developmental markers such as tummy time, reaching, crawling, rolling, and more.
When to arrive:
15 minutes before
Cancellation policy:
1 hour in advance
Caregiver required:

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Tot Town


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636 Classon Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11238
(347) 533 6440

A community play space for kids 0-5 that fosters creativity, self-expression and imagination.

Editor’s Tip
​With the creativity and expertise of professional children’s play space designers, Tot Town is a stimulating mystical and exciting studio that will make everyone feel at home.
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