Water Angels

Water Angels is an exciting level for our babies ages 6 to 18 months old, where they will learn to adjust to the water environment and learn how to like the water and not be afraid of it. This class is based on songs that has swimming drills to help our water angels become fearless future swimmers. Skills learned at this level are: floating on the back and front, front crawl kick and back stroke kick, basic front crawl arms technique and a learn how to go under water through a series of under water drills and game. Parent or caregiver must be in the water with their children.
When to arrive:
15 minutes before
Additional details:
Parent or caregiver must be in the water with their children.
Cancellation policy:
1 hour in advance
Caregiver required:

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NY Sports 4 Kids (at P.S. 11)

320 West 21st Street, New York, NY 10011
(855) 208 6665

At NY SPORTS 4 KIDS we teach young children and adults proper swimming technique and the core swimming strokes found in competitions.

Editor’s Tip
In 2008, National Geographic™ recognized one of our program's core achievements. We were chosen to demonstrate the similarities between how human babies learn to swim and how other mammals learn or adapt to swimming.
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