Russian and Art for Pre-schoolers

Classes will be taught in Russian for groups of up to 5 children from 4 to 6 years of age. The program will focus on a number of topics important for this age such as: Recognizing the location of objects in space relative to themselves, Counting, including understanding of negative numbers, Comparisons such as more, less and equal. Knowledge of geometric shapes, Understanding of opposites and antonyms such short and tall, slow and fast. Understanding plural nouns and phrase constructions
When to arrive:
10 minutes before
Cancellation policy:
24 hours in advance
Caregiver required:

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ChessMax Academy


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423 East 81st Street, Unit B, New York, NY 10028
(917) 930 8840

Chess Max Academy is a school for kids who want to learn chess the right way, under the supervision of chess coach and grandmaster, former World Junior Champion, Maxim Dlugy. Kids are taught in an engaging and fun way, enabling each student to reach the peak of their potential.

Editor’s Tip
By offering different sets of problems to tackle in a group setting, we will effectively unlock that potential in every student.
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