Little Da Vinci (Ages 6 - 9 Years)

Little Da Vinci is the Art History and Visual Arts program for children of 4 to 6 years old and 6 to 9 years old. The teacher and author of the program is a finalist and a winner of numerous national and international art awards and competitions, Hadieh Afshani.

It is not an ordinary art class. We add to it interesting talks about the artists and their lives, styles and its evolution. Program course starts with the cave panting throughout Renaissance period and ends with the most recent art movements. It’s very important to learn the painting technics but also very important to recognize the artists, their stories, stories behind their masterpieces. Learning this way kids get a good understanding of different periods of Art History. During each class our art teacher, Hadieh reads books, tells fascinating stories and has open discussions with the kids. One of the primary goals of the Little Da Vinci program is understanding of The Art itself. Connecting Visual Art to the other forms of Art: Literature, Music, Architecture, Sculpture and even Philosophy.
When to arrive:
5 minutes before
Cancellation policy:
24 hours in advance
Caregiver required:

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The Renaissance Child (Hoboken)

1200 Park Avenue, Hoboken, NJ 07030
(201) 499 7178

The Renaissance Child is a comprehensive extracurricular enrichment program with a focus on the Early Age Education, Music, Arts, World History, and Culture.

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