Tennis Lesson (Big Hits)

Big Hits classes are led by expert instructors and consist of a series of interactive, fantasy-like games and drills that introduce students to the fundamentals of tennis: forehands, backhands, volleys and overheads. These classes are designed to help support the development of fine and gross motor skills, as well as important social skills such as cooperation, goal setting and handling disappointment. Students may borrow a racquet or bring their own. They should also wear comfortable clothes and bring a water bottle.
When to arrive:
5 minutes before
Additional details:
Students may bring their own racquet or they can borrow a racquet. Students should wear comfortable clothes and bring a water bottle.
Cancellation policy:
24 hours in advance
Caregiver required:

ElfTennis (at Fort Greene Park)

Fort Greene Park (enter near Camel Park), Dekalb Avenue & South Portland Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11205
(917) 426 3264

ElfTennis is a portable tennis school based in New York City. ElfTennis provides comprehensive, affordable tennis classes at convenient, state of the art locations. ElfTennis is top notch tennis for top notch kids!

Editor’s Tip
ElfTennis owner and instructor, Esther Forrester, likes to use positive reinforment in her classes. Instead of correcting what is wrong with a shot, Esther asks her students to take a moment after a good shot to internalize what made it good, helping the student to replicate that same shot over and over again.
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