Eye Spy My ABC's (LEVEL 1) at Ms. Carrie

Eye Spy My ABC's (LEVEL 1)

Ms. Carrie

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Categories: Academic, Creative  |  Ages: 3 - 5 Years  |  Format: Online Live
Eye Spy My ABC's (LEVEL 1) at Ms. Carrie

Recognition of letters is a fundamental part of learning how to read and write. Preschoolers learn best through play! In this class, we will focus on a new letter each week while also practicing valuable pre-reading and writing skills!

Recognition of letters is a fundamental part of learning how to read. In my years of experience, I have seen how well preschoolers learn through play! In this class, we will focus on a new letter each week while also laughing, playing, and having FUN! Children who cannot recognize letters and name them with their sounds have more difficulties learning how to read. With the games I have planned, the learners will also be practicing essential life skills, such as taking turns and learning to speak in front of a small group.

We will start each class off with a quick "hello" song to welcome our friends together. I will then introduce the letter of the week and explain the games we will be playing. The goal will be to play a guessing game, a game of eye spy with some letter slides I have created, along with having a scavenger hunt, where the children will run and find something in their own home that begins with the letter we are learning that week. If there is time left, we will review the letter sheet I am sending home and practice tracing the letter (on the screen) as well.
We will end each class, waving and singing our Good-Bye song.

Each week, I will send home an original learning sheet that correlates with the week's letter to further the learning at home if desired. The sheets will include tracing, cutting, and prewriting skills. You will also be given access to the eye-spy room to use throughout the week.

My goal in this class is for the children to learn, while they think they are only playing! Through this process, they will correlate learning to fun!

The class is set up so the learners can jump in/out at any week and also stay for as long as they like.
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2 Reviews
Mar 30, 2022
Miss Carrie is so sweet and wonderful! She was very patient and engaged with my 3-year-old. Her activities were very creative to help keep my son focused and learn in an effective way. We really enjoyed it - the parents too! So fun!
Mar 24, 2022
Super fun and engaging. Kept my 4 year old engaged.

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Ms. Carrie has been involved and working in Early Childhood Education for the last 15+ years.

Her biggest goal as a teacher is to ensure that the students are engaged in class and walk away thinking, WOW, that was fun! She wants them to develop a passion for knowledge that will last them a lifetime.

She understands that early relations can build up children’s self-esteem at an early age. This confidence will carry them throughout life. Most importantly, she wants to make sure the children know her classroom is a place where they feel safe and know they can have fun.
She has a multitude of classes available. And she only creates or teaches lessons that she is passionate about.

While she has years of experience in education and feels very qualified as a teacher, there is one thing she can not be an expert on, and that is YOUR child! If you have any questions, ideas, or concerns regarding your student, she is always willing to listen and help!
Reach out anytime!
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