PopFit Kids

Get ready for an action packed healthy adventure with high-energy fitness fun and good-for-you-games. Through energizing circuits, fitness games, obstacle courses and more each PopFit adventure will hit on the Fab Five: Cardio, Strength, Flexibility, Balance and Endurance. Children will work toward increasing muscle coordination, improving motor planning skills, and engaging in total body awareness.
When to arrive:
15 minutes before
Cancellation policy:
24 hours in advance
Caregiver required:

PopFit Kids (The Courts at Stuy Town #11)

285 Avenue C Loop, New York, NY 10009
(646) 242-3510

Join us at NYC's premiere fitness program for kids, with a mission to help kids help themselves to a healthier way of life.

Editor’s Tip
The Courts at Stuyvesant Town is a tented & fully enclosed playground space that is heated and shielded from the elements. Located at Court 11 on the Ave C Loop.
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