Virtual Manga Drawing Workshop with Ms. Sumi

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Categories: Arts & Crafts  |  Ages: 6 - 14 Years  |  Format: Online Live

If you like visual novels and animated series, and if you find yourself doodling characters from those stories on your off time, this is the place for you!

In this workshop, you will learn how to make manga (Japanese-style comics) and basic animation techniques using your own vision and design.

Our Japanese professional illustrator will teach you all Manga techniques, such as symbols, visual expressions, and character facial expressions, so that you can immediately make a professional piece.

You will not need any special talents or drawing skills to create a good manga. With just some tips and techniques, they will be able to learn the basics at our workshop. Let’s learn how to create your own Manga piece with us!

What you need for the class

• Black marker (Thin felt-tip pen)
• Pencil (B/2B is preferred)
• Eraser
• Ruler
• Colored pencils
Makeup policy:
Contact the RESOBOX one hour before the class to setup your makeup class.
Refund policy:
No refunds.
Additional details:
Monthly Curriculum

The last 2 sessions of the month with Ms. Sumi
• 3rd Sunday Manga drawing exercise (Learn specific Manga techniques)
• 4th Sunday Create your own cartoon using techniques you learn previous week

Monthly theme with Sumi

・May – School / How to draw faces
・June – School part. 2 / How to draw the human body
・July – School part. 3 / How to draw character in motion
・August – Fantasy / How to design a character
・September – Fantasy part. 2 / Manga symbols and effects
・October – Fantasy part. 3 / Manga plot and story-telling

Upcoming Schedule for Virtual Manga Drawing Workshop with Ms. Sumi

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