Paw Patrol Animal Rescue with Keely! (2X a Week)

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An animal is in trouble! Ryder and the mighty pups to the rescue! This introductory animal science class presents fascinating animals in a fun and exciting way designed to tap into the great energy and curious nature children have.

-Learners will familiarize themselves with some fun facts and gain a basic understanding of what life is like for each animal presented. What do they like to do? Do they live alone or together in families as we do? I will present slides, videos, and use visual effects throughout the class, and also encourage discussion so that everyone can easily understand all of the topics covered.

The weekly session topics will be as follows:

Week 1: Topic #1 - Lions.
Week 2: Topic #2 - Tigers.
Week 3: Topic #3 - Crocodile.
Week 4: Topic #4 - Chimpanzee.
Week 5: Topic #5 - Monkeys
Week 6: Topic #6 - Elephants
Week 7: Topic #7 - Rhinoceros
Week 8: Topic #8 - Leopards

NOTE: This is principally a science class, it is not focused on Paw Patrol but rather has Paw Patrol elements and focuses on animal science. Please consider your learner's interests when booking this class.

Although this is a science class, it also includes arts and crafts as well as singing, dancing, and discussions to best understand the content presented. No prior knowledge is required, and I will provide certificates for students who try their best.
Makeup policy:
Flexible case by case
Refund policy:
24 hours in advance
Additional details:

I'm excited that you joined this class. Here are the links for the worksheets folder we'll be using so please print them out prior to class when you have some time:

We'll be using these towards the end of each class so please keep them as a little surprise till then so no one gets distracted. Also, please prepare a pencil, some crayons, and anything else your child may like to use to decorate their worksheet ahead of time.

Let's get creative and have fun with these!

See you in class!
Class policies:
My goal as an educator is to present information in an exciting and novel way so that it's memorable to your child. I also love to create social moments throughout the lesson that give the students a chance to discuss what they have been learning and relate to the information as well as to each other.

Students will have several opportunities throughout the class to discuss what they think. These are always great little "brain breaks" for the kids and add to the engagement within the class.

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Apr 6, 2022
My daughter really enjoyed learning about different animals and going on adventures with Ms. Keely!
Jan 25, 2022
Very fun and engaging class. My daughter loved it.
Jan 10, 2022
Excellent! Kids loved the class and look forward to more adventures!

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There are 5 educators for SC Academy: Ciara, Keely, Amy, Evelyn, and Spencer.

As seasoned travelers, we like to share our experiences with students to encourage that natural curiosity all young learners have.

We are also committed to providing a fun learning environment where everyone can feel comfortable and encouraged to take part in healthy discussions.

We utilize online visual aids, manycam for fun effects live on camera, graphics and additional tools to engage your young learner.

We are looking forward to meeting you soon!


Ciara is passionate about geography as it relates to travel, marine sciences, philosophy, & adventure. She’ll be offering science and geography classes for k-5 learners. Her teaching methodology is interactive and engaging for learners.

She has a Bachelor of Business Administration and supplementary training in childhood education.

She has taught over 3000 online classes covering a wide range of topics including science, geography, social studies, math, English, social skills, & reading comprehension.


Keely is passionate about traveling, human connection, socializing, reading, marine sciences, philosophy, & adventure. She’ll be offering science, socialization, reading, and geography classes for k-5 learners. Her classes are interactive.

She has taught over 1000 classes covering a wide range of topics including science, geography, social studies, math, English, social skills, & reading comprehension. She also homeschooled several of her children for several years.

She's also an avid gardener and loves creating spaces you want to be in.

She also loves traveling and has traveled around the world many times visiting 11 countries along the way.


Kim is most passionate about English, History, Cooking, and Geography.

She will be offering, English classes, Cooking Classes, History classes, and Geography classes (relating to travel, culture, and people.) to K-5 learners.

Kim has a standard British accent.

She has a Bachelors of Travel and Tourism.

She lived and taught English in China for a number of years and has been teaching online for the past 4 years with over 5000 classes completed.

She has lived on 4 continents, speaks English, Afrikaans and Spanish.

She loves to travel, and has visited places in Canada, America, China, Phillipines, Taiwan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Portugal, Germany, Bulgaria, Mexico, and South Africa.

She loves to learn and experience others people cultures, beliefs and cuisines.

She is an avid cook and loves to experiment with all kinds of foods and flavors.


Spencer is an educator from New Jersey. He's most passionate about coastal geography, marine sciences, philosophy, & adventure. He’ll be offering science and geography classes for k-5 learners.

He has a Bachelor of Arts with majors in philosophy & psychology from the University of South Africa. He plans to homeschool his 3 year old son and he's taught over 1500 online classes covering a wide range of topics including science, geography, social studies, math, English & reading comprehension.

He's also a lifelong surfer and has been fortunate enough to travel around the world many times visiting 20 countries along the way. He's enjoyed immersing himself in the cultures of all the places he's been and became fluent in Indonesian while living in Bali. He's also lived in Hawaii, South Africa, and Vietnam, but ultimately decided there’s no place like home.
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